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Ambivalence as a Possibility of Freedom: A Critical Evaluation in the Context of Bauman
Freedom is one of the most important problems of human history. It has many different definitions. Freedom is often discussed together with some concepts or concept sets. These are concepts such as security, certainty, standards, ambivalence. In this study, freedom is discussed together with the concept of ambivalence. The attempt of modernity to establish order and to eradicate ambivalence has led to a tendency towards freedom. In this context, criticism of modernity has come up and Postmodernism has emerged as a fundamental criticism of modernity. Postmodernity considers ambivalence as an opportunity of freedom. One of the important figures of postmodern thought, Bauman discussed a on a healthier basis position between modernity and postmodernity and the relationship between freedom and ambivalence. Bauman's description of postmodernity as liquid modernity inspired the concept of liquid standards in the relationship between freedom and ambivalence in this text. It gave an opportunity to overcome the problems of modernity with the standards of oppressive character and the impossibility of postmodernity to impose a lack of standards.

Freedom, Ambivalence, Modernity, Postmodernity, Bauman, Liquid Standards.

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